i want attention


hello:) welcome to my selfish world!! this is private info so ur really cool for seein it :o this site is all abt me !! you probably already know but if ur seein it,,, ur giving me the attention i want,, so thank you for that.!



this is all just what i b thinking. this is vents n stuff. so go away if u dont wanna see that. also sorry for the eye bleeding colors i just love pink.,,., i am also aware this website is very childish and naiive looking, but to me its very comforting! and another note i dont know anything abt html im looking all of this up soooo wish me luck. also shoutout to my bf cus i know he reads this. this website is very unnecessary and probably not worth ur time so u can leave if you want to i dont mind, otherwise, enjoy super personal information about a stranger!! :)

ImageImageImagecheck out me! me! me!!Imagecake2I.mage

ImageImageImagepeep my diary? scandalous?!!?ImageImageImage